Earn money while sponsoring your entourage!

Relais Gourmet offers an affiliation program intended both to professionals and individuals. If you want to participate you just have to create a free account on our website or use your customer account.

Create your account :

What are the rewards?

Increase your sponsorship level to receive gifts and improve your commission rate !


From 0 to 2.000€
5% commission
  • 1 Free Primer


From 2.000 to 10.000€
7% commission
  • 1 Free Foie Gras Box Set


More than 10.000€
10% commission
  • 1 Free Excellence Box Set

How to use the sponsorship?

Once your account has been created, you can access it from « My Account » section. Then select the « Affiliation » menu to access both your statistics and sponsorship link.

You can personalize your sponsorship link and simply share it around you to receive commissions on each sale made from it.

How does the rewards system work?

Each sale made through your sponsorship link will give you a commission of 5,7 or 10% depending on your level. This level can be adjusted according to the total amount of sales generated and you’ll keep it indefinitely (there isn’t a reset).

You have two options to use your commission funds:

  • Place an order on the shop to use a discount coupon.
  • Make a transfer to your Paypal account to get back euros.

For more information about the sponsorship program, please don’t hesitate to contact us at web@relaisgourmet.com.