About us ?

Our House

Relais Gourmet, Gastronomic House in the French Basque Country, offers quality products (free from preservatives, additives or artificial colourings), 100% South-Western region guaranteed.


  • Our traditional Foie Gras (natural, with chilli pepper, with Périgord black truffles),
  • Our original Foie Gras (candied lemon, natural vanilla, Armagnac, apples ….) launched at the Paris International Agricultural Show (Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris)
  • Our gourmet appetizers: spreadable and convivial because in the French Basque Country we think that conviviality is sacred!

I leave it to you to read our quality charter : Quality Charter

You will also be able to consult our blog (the gourmet club) which will allow you to discover the best addresses and recipes from here!

Please, feel free to contact us by email: jperez@relaisgourmet.com or by phone

Agur !

Relais Gourmet in a few numbers:

4800 +
Satisfied customers
Years of experience
We need to meet and share quality products in the pure tradition of South West France. With us, it's natural, it's friendly and it's sacred!

Our values?

A rigorous selection of products

The products are regularly tested and we are continuously working to create new products.

An impeccable product quality

For this reason, our producers are committed to making every effort to meet our quality criteria.

Respect of the origin and designation of origin of the products.

(Protected Geographical Indication – PGI), our Foie Gras and Gourmet Appetizers are guaranteed 100% French.

Compliance with hygiene and product safety standards.

The traceability of our products allows us to know the origin of every ingredient that our Gourmet products contain.

Respect for traditional recipes.

We take care of the canning and bottling procedure and the respect of the ingredients in order to preserve the culinary tradition.