Guaranteed "Satisfied or repaid"

Our guarantee "Satisfied or repaid" allows you to return us under certain conditions and under 15 days everything produces ordered with which you would not be satisfied and it whatever the reason. According to your preferences, we shall pay off to you the completeness of the amount of the article or we shall exchange it to you for another product according to the conditions expressed below.

What are the conditions of return of an article?

Our conditions of return are simple: we accept the return of all the new articles returned within 15 days. Every returned product will owe the being in its original packing accompanied with the dachat proof. We do not accept the returns of articles not corresponding to their home state to be known produced begun as more than 15% of the total initail weight.

How to return an article and where ?

Return product for exchange or repaid are exclusively made by La Poste to the adress :

Relais Gourmet Service Retours
14 rue Burugoria 64700 Hendaye (France)

We thank you for packing articles returned with a very big precaution and return them to us accompanied with the invoice and with the mail specifying the nature of the exchange as well as the nature of the refund (by check or by gift voucher).

If you do not specify us your preferences regarding refund, we shall make a repayment by discount code which you will receive by e-mail.

Attention: we remind to you that it is impossible to turn us articles by means of Relais Colis. No sending carriage forward or there against refund will be accepted.

Do I have to pay expenses of return and forwarding within the framework of an exchange?

If you have a change of mind and return us an article, the expenses of return of your products Relay Gourmet are at your expense(under your responsibility). Any forwarding of article within the framework of an exchange is made in your place of residence by colissimo. The shipment charges of articles in Metropolitan France are offered to you by Relay Gourmet. The postal charges of articles forwarded after exchange except Metropolitan France (towards a foreign country or towards FRENCH OVERSEAS DEPARTMENTS AND TERRITORIES) are at your expense(under your responsibility).

Under what deadline would I be paid off?

We handle your request for an average deadline of five days upon receipt of your parcel. We pay off you, according to your preferences, by check or by gift voucher. Gift vouchers are sent to you in 3 days by e-mail. Checks are sent by mail in your place of residence and reach you for an average deadline of week.

And if the contents of my parcel are not in compliance with my command?

We pay off you entirely or exchange you one or several products damaged or defective, on the basis of the price which you paid. If, nevertheless the care which we bring to the preparation of every parcel, your order was not in accordance with your request (product damaged during the transport, defective), we make a commitment to pay off you or to exchange you the concerned products.

My parcel or products are damaged

In case of deterioration, thank you for keeping(preserving) endomagés products and box of the parcel so that we can identify what arrived. If you have the possibility of it thank you for sending us by e-mail a photo showing the caused damages. For information, know that any received very damaged order (visible deteriorations on the box, the parcel open and closed by the services of our deliverers) can be refused with your factor or with your relay parcel. If to accept you a repaired parcel or endomagé severely, we advise(recommend) you to verify its contents in the presence of the deliverer and to emit possibly a reserve during its acceptance.

My products are defective

If you suspected a product to be defective, immediately get in touch with Relay Gourmet by detailing us the problem. If the product is recognized defective, we shall exchange it to you or shall pay off to it to you as soon as possible.

If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are for your listening from Monday to Friday of 9 hours at 7 pm by telephone in (33) 09 51 76 13 60 or by e-mail via the page of contact.