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  • Candied Orange

    ... so British ! A slight touch sweet

    and bittersweet caressed your palate

    and enhance the Foie Gras roundness.

  • Lemon Confit

    A bridge from one end to the other of France :

    Foie Gras very boldly the power associated

    with the freshness of lemon. The delightfully bubbly

    union of Gascony and Provence :

    the mistral in your taste buds ...

  • Natural Vanilla

    A trip to the islands or luxurious wedding

    vanilla and foie gras : soft and sweet flavors of the little

    black clove caress the liver's power to give it a

    taste entirely new , exotic

    and unexpected childhood scent.

  • Apples

    Fruity and full of life , the forbidden fruit

    just chew foie gras to give you a taste of

    paradise ... Any sensuality, pep and fresh

    apple in every bite , to accompany foie gras

    to roads softer and more sugary

  • Sweet Onions

    Very subtle and smooth , finesse

    and roundness , elegance and a

    slightly sweet note in the finish ,

    sweet onions generously slipping

    the heart of the soul of Foie Gras.

    No preservatives or additives or dyes

  • Dried Apricots

    The dried apricot is a source of energy ,

    it brings with foie gras that preciousness

    and this new heat while maintaining its

    authentic and delicious flavors

    No preservatives or additives or dyes

  • Promotions

    Take advantage of our introductory

    offers with a mix of our Foie Gras

    original . To enjoy or to offer .

    No preservatives or additives or dyes

  • Cocoa

    The surprising and explosive marriage

    of cocoa and foie gras : close flavors

    are perfectly balanced to unleash their

    strength, their character, their finesse

    and pleasure

    No preservatives or additives or dyes

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